Comsy Contact Center

The solution for efficient management of Customer Care processes

Illustrazione Software in Cloud
Illustrazione Software in Cloud
Comsy Contact Center, part of the Comsy Platform, is an in-cloud or on-premise software designed to centralise and optimise contact management.

The highly customisable system allows you to manage different types of contacts, organising them in specific campaigns according to your business needs.


Full system administration

Independently control the Contact Center configuration and customise it to suit your needs.


Create an independent space for each customer, where you can organise their activities.

Easy integration with other tools

Omnichannel communications are easy to integrate, so you can automate your management processes.


The system can authenticate users autonomously or integrate with external systems via LDAP or SAML (SSO)
Recordings can be anonymised with a pitch shifting algorithm or an industry-standard data security algorithm.

Services offered through the Comsy Contact Center can be delivered via audio, video or text, assuring a complete omnichannel experience.

Build your contact management using the interactive flow, an intuitive tool that allows you to create and modify the processing logic with a drag & drop GUI.
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For optimal management of large quantities of outgoing calls, the system uses a predictive outbound engine that saves operators from having to make unsuccessful calls.
Room supervisors can monitor the operators’ activity and the status of system queues, giving them a global overview of service delivery.


Replicable micro-services

Docker modules

Internal cache for fast replies

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Multiple authentication methods (Internal, LDAP)

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Multi-channel (email, phone, text, video call and chat)


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