Comsy Ticket Manager

The solution for efficient management of Ticketing processes

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Comsy Ticket Manager, part of the Comsy Platform, is a cloud or on-premise software designed to efficiently manage any support request at each step of the process.

This highly flexible, high-performance system is revolutionising Customer Care, by allowing you to organise and customise tickets based on the specific needs of your business.


Customisable interface

Configure the graphics modules according to your needs.


Create an independent space for each customer, where you can organise their activities.

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Omnichannel communications are easy to integrate, so you can automate your management processes.


Manage the customisable profiles for each user.
Users can be grouped together to form an organisational chart.
Each campaign defines the structure of the ticket, matches the users involved and identifies the reports.
The Status field represents the ticket’s processing status, while the Category field represents the type of processing required.
Customise the body of the ticket based on the customer or service. You can also view other tickets associated with the current one, allowing you to reconstruct the dataset for the current operation. The correlation principle can be custom-defined when designing the ticket.
All operations on the ticket are stored on the system and can be consulted at all times.
A special section allows you to search for tickets according to multiple predefined or discretionary criteria.
Use the directory to interact with contacts: this is useful for tracking emails and phone calls handled during ticket processing.
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Integration with Authentication, FAQ Management or other systems through web services.
All the data available on the system can be presented in custom reports and combined with users based on specific visibility criteria.


Replicable micro-services and docker modules

Internal cache for fast replies

Web services (REST APIs)

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Multiple authentication methods (Internal, LDAP, SSO)

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Integration with contact center and multichannel system (email, phone, text, video-call, chat)


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