A dynamic, flexible solution for planning the academic year.

Istruendo is a web application designed to optimise the planning and management of the academic year.

The simple, intuitive interface allows content to be used by any device, while the option of creating different profiles allows each user to better perform their specific tasks.



Organise and monitor all the data for the academic year in one place

of use

Access your personal section to view all the information you need


Find the best solution for your needs


Organises all users according to role (teacher, student, assistant, tutor). You can also track and manage individual career paths with separate records for each user.
Plan every aspect of the academic schedule (courses, subjects, lessons, internships and postgrad courses). Create a custom schedule from scratch, or replicate an existing model by changing only what you need from time to time.
Keep track of all attendances. You can also log each student’s entry and exit times and hours spent in class.
Custom-build your own calendar using the drag & drop feature to insert lessons and classrooms.
Manage examination workflows. Istruendo records all past and future exams in a student record, which is always accessible.
Updates are always available. Users are kept updated with news and info thanks to the automated e-mail notifications. A dashboard on the app’s home page contains “post-its”, visible to the individual users.

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