Knowledge Base

An interdisciplinary team specialising in processes and technological innovation

Our skills

Specialised in providing Customer Care solutions, we design products, offer services and develop software that is fully utilised in a wide range of industries.

Our decades of experience in the IT field makes us a reliable, quality partner for high-tech design and consultancy.

We specialise in projects that integrate communication features (telephone, voice over IP, video streaming and messaging). We take care of each stage of a project from A to Z, from infrastructure solutions to networking, availability and security.

Micro-services organisation, containerised apps, custom software, automation processes and DevOps tools allow us to manage increasingly complex and ambitious projects. Our team boasts professionals with methodological certification in Project Management (PRINCE) and IT Service Management (ITIL).

Functional skills

We specialise in analysis and processes such as assessment, gap analysis, feasibility studies, project management and testing.

We use both the Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Our experts have gained vertical expertise on tools, empirical methods and ways of working in relevant areas such as GDPR, data protection, privacy and security.

Tech skills

Labitech uses the main standard technologies on the ICT market.

For backend development we make extensive use of Java and the NET platform, but we also work with PHP, Python, NodeJS and C++. We use all major DBMS and persistence frameworks. We create high-performance, scalable architectures based on the container approach and take security into account from the very first step of the analysis.
Java Technologies:

  • J2SE, J2EE, J2ME/Android
  • JSP & Servlets, Struts, JSF
  • Spring (Core, Data, Boot, Cloud, Security)
  • JDBC, JPA2 / QueryDSL, Hibernate
  • JavaFX, Swing
  • Equinox OSGi framework
  • BPM Engine Activities
  • Jersey, Wink, Axis, CXF, Camel Route Messaging
  • Tomcat, Lucene, JBoss, Glashfish, Jetty, Elasticsearch

NET technologies

  • Web Forms (C# and VB Net)
  • MVC withNet Framework (fromNet Core 3.1 up to the latest version,Net 6)
  • Web Apis withNet Framework (fromNet Core 3.1 up to the latest version,Net 6)
  • Use of EntityFramework in the Net Framework andNet Core
  • WinForms Desktop
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We work with the main DBMS by structuring databases in line with their specific intended purpose.

We carry out complex ETL procedures and optimise them by identifying critical elements. We assist customers in building data warehouses and data marts, by taking care of their structuring, the source import processes, the cleaning and standardisation of data and the preparation of analysis systems.

Some of the main technologies:

  • MS SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Oracle

We follow the latest trends in UI construction by creating maintainable, efficient and main browser-compatible code. We create dynamic and responsive interfaces using libraries and JavaScript frameworks. We develop complex single-page applications by dividing them into reusable components and completely separate data access from the presentation tier. Some of the main web technologies:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • ReactJS, AngularJS
  • jQuery, Ember.js, Bootstrap
  • Polymer
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Gulp, Grunt, WebPack
  • Vaadin RIA Framework
  • Blazor Web Assembly (fromNet Core 3.1 up to the latest version,Net 6)

Some of the main Mobile technologies

  • App iOS and Android
  • ReactNative, PhoneGAP (Apache Cordova)
  • Progressive Web App

Delivery of the software is supported: we take care of everything you need in order to use it effectively and securely. We build cloud or on-premise IT infrastructures and also deal with the application servers and networking components.

  • Linux server We mainly work with Rocky Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian Server configuration & maintenance distributions for firewalls & routers, traffic shapers, VRRP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, OpenLDAP, FTPS, SAMBA, WebServer (httpd, nginx), Proxy, VPN (OpenVPN / IPSEC) and balancers.
  • VoIP Server / Audio & Video VoIP Gateway & PBX: Asterisk, SIP Provider integration, ISDN PRI Gateway, BRI, POTS (FSX/FXO), GSM, SIP Trunk with VoIP provider or PBX, traffic inspection
  • Windows server (all versions) Configuration & maintenance: Active directory & Group policy management, Webservers, File Server, SQL Server
  • Virtualisation (Configuration & maintenance): VMware (Hypervisor ESXi, vCenter server, vCloud Director, HA environments), Hyper-V, local and remote datastore (with SAS, iSCSI, NFS).
  • Application Monitoring (Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus)

Process skills


We help you optimise the definition, monitoring and integration of business processes, automating data management with Business Process Management platforms.


We help you automate processes with Robotic Process Automation software that replaces human operators in performing repetitive tasks, bringing significant time and cost savings.


We help you cultivate your relationships and interactions with customers, simplifying processes and providing you with the best CRM solutions on the market.


We help you to organise contacts and centralise their management in an omnichannel perspective, through our Contact Center solution, which enables the smooth, efficient distribution of large volumes and custom process design in multiple contexts.

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