The stress-free solution for shift and activity planning.

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Redman is a cloud software designed to solve shift planning problems and optimise staff scheduling. The software is best utilised by volunteer associations providing healthcare and local services.


Optimise your
use of time

  • Save time that can be used for other activities
  • Zero errors or overlaps
  • Faster organisation of shifts, teams and tasks
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Improve the management of your organisation

  • More efficient governance and control
  • Up-to-date historical data always available
  • Safer and better distributed volunteer shifts
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Give more value to members of the team

  • Increased volunteer loyalty
  • Increased member engagement
  • More local visibility


Flexibility is one of the best things about Redman.

You’ll be able to manage multiple calendars within the same tool. Each calendar can be populated automatically according to the availability and preferences of the volunteers, but always under the supervision of the manager who can always make changes. Volunteers can update and change their availability using a touch monitor (at the head office), or via PC or app.

With Redman, you can profile the master data according to role, skills, preferred shifts, courses and volunteer scores.

Keep track of the mandatory and optional courses attended by each volunteer, and manage their deadlines. You can also assign merit scores to each volunteer, for example based on shift attendance, and build a reward-based system.

Manage your mobility, stress-free.

With Redman, you can plan and track your travel and transportation services, and match them to the right vehicle. You’ll also be able to quickly issue receipts and documents for paid trips.

Full control of the vehicles at your disposal.

With Redman, you can keep track of your organisation’s vehicles and plan jobs and tasks. An electronic card can be affixed to each vehicle, containing details of product expiry dates and the quantities needed onboard.

Make sure your organisation is always ready for any emergency.

Redman’s Automation Calling tool will immediately summon the people you need. This intelligent system allows you to automatically set up and make phone calls, saving time that’s essential for service provision. This is particularly useful for organisations trained to work quickly in emergency settings, such as the Fire Brigade.

An effective communication process is key to the success of any organisation.

With Redman’s two-way communication system between the head offices and volunteers, you can send messages to individual volunteers or teams, and manage their responses. A single, effective, non-dispersive way of managing communications.

Redman is perfect for volunteer associations

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